Mastering Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy



Coming Soon! – Mastering Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is more than just the process of conception. In order to support a healthy pregnancy and birth, the nutritional state of both partners need to be addressed in the months leading up to conception. This can result in dramatically improved outcomes for both mother and baby. In Mastering Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy, Dr. Ronda Nelson provides a comprehensive overview of the most important factors involved in this wonderful process and helps build your clinical strength when working with this patient population.

Topics include:

  • Review of reproductive physiology
  • Role of environmental exposures on sperm and ovarian health
  • The crucial role of stress and cortisol on the fetus
  • Addressing stealth infections and detoxification
  • Supporting common issues during pregnancy
  • Risks of elective c-sections and how to support
  • Strategies for delivery
  • Supporting lactation and baby’s microbiome
  • And much more…!

Providing the right support for parents-to-be, well before conception, will undoubtedly be the single greatest factor influencing the lifelong health of the unborn child. Mastering Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to support your patients as they being their own little ones into the world!