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Mastering the Thyroid



Mastering the Thyroid

The incredible amount of material contained inside Dr. Ronda’s Mastering the Thyroid course will help practitioners walk away with the confidence and knowledge needed to resolve even the most complex thyroid case. Nutritional, dietary and lifestyle recommendations are woven throughout the course material, as this plays a vital role in helping your patients feel better.

Broken down into small yet manageable sections, the narrated videos are short and concise, helping the practitioner build a solid foundation of learning which will increase clinical confidence right away. There are more than 50 downloadable documents designed to reinforce learning and give the practitioner a literal library of thyroid resources that can be referenced for years to come.

Topics covered include:

  • The physiologic role of the thyroid
  • Function of the thyroid within the endocrine system
  • Creation of T4 and T3
  • When and how to use iodine
  • Nutrients needed for optimal thyroid function
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Recognizing the visual clues indicating possible thyroid dysfunction
  • Autoimmune conditions of the thyroid
  • Evaluating possible underlying issues, triggers and assaults
  • Ordering the right tests and how to interpret
  • And much more….

We are confident that there isn’t another online course available that takes thyroid physiology to this level, yet makes it simple to understand and even easier to implement. With her unique style of teaching, Dr. Ronda Nelson makes learning a complex topic enjoyable and easy to remember. This is one course you won’t want to miss!