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Become a Master of Functional Medicine with Online Training with Dr. Ronda Nelson.

What doctors and healthcare practitioners are saying

“This course will provide you with the tools you need to successful! If you intend to work with thyroid patients, you will be fully prepared to help them feel better right away!”

Leslie R., D.C.

“The advanced course was worth 5x more than the price. The information is invaluable and unsurpassed by any other online education I’ve seen. Highly recommend this course if you are serious about working with any kind of thyroid dysfunctions.”

Robert W., P.A.

Dr. Ronda has yet again outdone herself! The material is laid out in a logical way, taught very practically and the resources are so helpful! Anything she teaches is sure to be a gold-mine of resources.”

Elizabeth S., RD, CCN

“Lots of great information, really good guidance and an instructor who is passionate about the material. A pleasure to learn.”

Cynthia L., D.C.

“I have always been frustrated as to why many of my patients who are on thyroid medication never seem to feel better. Dr. Ronda puts the puzzle pieces together and refreshingly, doesn’t necessarily recommend that the patient stop their medication. Instead, she shows a way to provide nutritional support that helps them finally feel better by providing the missing nutrients and supporting the gland itself. Brilliant! Wish I would have found her sooner!”

Michelle O., M.D.

“After taking the Mastering the Thyroid course, I have a much better understanding of how the endocrine system works and how important the thyroid is in the bigger picture. Ignoring or overlooking this important gland could be what’s keeping your patients from feeling their best. And it’s not really that hard to do!"

Sarah M. Lac

“Dr. Ronda is fantastic! And the best part? I can continually refer back to the modules to review the information I need. Great concept! Thank-you for providing such a great resource!”

Amanda D., D.C.

“The Facebook forum is awesome along with the online course! It’s so nice to be able to communicate with other practitioners who have the same passion about helping their patients regain optimal health.”

Timothy B., D.C.

“I consider myself well-versed in thyroid-related issues but Dr. Ronda provides an entirely new perspective on working with and supporting patients with thyroid issues. Highly recommend this course!”

Roberta L. D.O.

“The course design is beautiful and so easy to navigate. I love the frequent questions, interactions, quizzes and downloads which helped me ensure I was on the right track! 5 Stars!”

Anna Z., R.D.

“I feel much more confidant when working with any kind of thyroid condition. It is so helpful to know what kinds of herbs or nutrients to recommend right away. The patients start to feel better and as a result, I am getting more referrals!”

Susan D., D.C.

“I love Dr. Ronda’s ability to simplify concepts without dumbing them down. Her analogies and white board drawings come to mind frequently when I am talking with patients. This makes it easy for me to explain to the patient exactly what is going on in their body and how we plan to improve it. Can’t wait for more courses to come out!”

Reilynn T., D.C., LAc.

Practical Application

Dr. Ronda has the ability to simplify a complex subject and break it apart into its most fundamental components, making it easy to understand and even easier to apply with your very next patient.


Clinical Resources

Courses are overflowing with key clinical insights, an abundance of downloadable reference materials and easy-to-use flow charts, improving your clinical confidence and enhancing patient outcomes.


Learning with Laughter

With her outgoing personality, Dr. Ronda finds a way to inject humor and raw candor into her online courses making the learning process much more enjoyable and easier to retain.

Key Insights

Learn exactly what Dr. Ronda looks for with every patient and how she breaks down each case into its foundational components in order to begin restoring the patient’s health from the ground up.

Continual Access

Once you’ve purchased a course, it’s yours for good and available for you to view whenever you need it. You’ll receive an email notification whenever the course is updated so you’ll always the most current information.

Improve Your Results

Full of clinical insights and plenty of bonus materials, Dr. Ronda’s courses will equip you to apply what you’ve learned to dramatically improve client outcomes.

Our Courses

Convenient for busy practitioners, our courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and can save you from being a weekend seminar warrior! If you love Dr. Ronda’s teaching style and engaging personality, you’re going to love these courses!

Clinical Spotlights

If you’re a fan of Dr. Ronda’s Clinical Pearls, then you won’t want to miss out on having regular access to her Clinical Spotlights! Released twice each month, these 30-minute nuggets of wisdom take a deeper look at the topics that are the most clinically relevant AND can help you deliver better patient care by knowing what kind of support to provide.

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